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What is Safe Queens?How do I bid? | How do I sell? | What are the fees?

What is Safe Queens?

Safe Queens is the new way to buy and sell collectible firearms online. We specialize in curated auctions, bringing you the guns you want to see with nothing you don’t. Honest descriptions, accurate photos, making Safe Queens the most transparent firearms auctions on the internet. Quicker turnaround and lower fees than traditional auctions houses.

Lower Fees
Easy to Use
Transparent Auctions
Live Support

How do the auctions work?

Every auction we list gives an unbiased description of the item, we let the items speak for themselves and host a full array of high-detail photographs to accurately represent the product.

In the comment section we encourage both Safe Queen’s bidders and members to ask questions or comment about any item.  We encourage sellers to be active in the comments section to engage with the community to help tell the story of their collectible. Bidders can message sellers directly to ask additional questions.

High Quality Photography
Honest & Detailed Descriptions
Bidding, Comments & Questions

How do I bid on Safe Queens?

Follow these steps for a smooth buying experience:

 1. Register to Bid

You must first register, then add a Credit Card and address to your profile in the My Wallet area. Winning bidders pay a 10% buyer’s premium to Safe Queens on top of the winning bid amount. Bids are binding, so please bid wisely!

2. Find Your Future Collectible

Once you have found the auctions you want to join, read through the auction listing thoroughly and review the comments section and all photos before placing a bid.

3. Bid

We’ve made the bidding as easy as possible, place your bids at the bottom of the auction listing.  We’ve made a quick tutorial to help explain the auction process. 

When you bid, we place a hold on your credit card for the buyer’s premium. If you win your card is charged for the premium. If you are not the winner the hold is released at the end of the auction.

  • Bids can be submitted based on the next minimum bid increment, or you can enter your maximum bid and use our “Bid-Guard” automated bidding service. 
  • The Bid-Guard service allows you to set your max bid and will bid on your behalf to keep you in the lead, but only up to your limit. To learn more about Bid-Guard visit our frequently asked questions 
  • Make sure your email alerts are turned on, Safe Queens will let you know when you have been outbid and when the auction is ending. This is done by bidding, commenting, or watching the item and enabling the email alerts in your settings. 
  • Bid amounts have minimum increments based on the current price range at the time of the bid.  Bid increments increase as the auction price rises. 
  • Bids are binding so make sure you have full intent to purchase the item before bidding. There is always the chance you win as the highest bidder.
  • Auctions are extended by 2 minutes if a bid is placed with less than 2 minutes to go.  The auction isn’t over until 2 full minutes have elapsed since the highest bid was placed.  This prevents last-second sniping bids and keep auctions fair for everyone.
4. Win the Auction

Just like normal auctions, to buy a Firearm on Safe Queens, you need to be the highest bidder at the end of Auction. Some auctions may have a hidden reserve, where others may not.

When the auction ends, Safe Queens will provide the winning bidder and the Seller each other’s contact information to complete the sale and arrange shipment. Buyers are expected to pay for the firearm in full within seven days of the close of the Auction.

  • Buyers are responsible for shipping, taxes, transfer fees, and other costs associated with the transfer.

How do I sell on Safe Queens?

Safe Queens created the best place to sell your firearm online, connecting enthusiasts for a better auction experience. It’s easy to sell with Safe Queens.

1. Submit Your Collectible Firearm

It’s absolutely free to submit your Firearm, and only requires some information about the item: Like the Make, Model, Caliber, serial number, how long you’ve owned the item and some photos to determine eligibility. 

Safe Queens will review the item and will let you know if it is accepted. Not every firearm is right for Safe Queens, but we are grateful for taking the time to submit your firearm to us!

  • To sell on Safe Queens, you will need to be a Valid FFL (Federal Firearm License) holder. This ensures our sellers are knowledgeable and follow the legal procedures around the US required when selling firearms. If you do not hold a FFL, we can suggest working with one of our Local Partners.
  • Reserve Auctions are available, however due to market conditions we may ask you to change, or lower your reserve based on the current market.
2. Preparing Your Listing

Once accepted, we may need some additional information from you. We make it as easy as possible and will start building your listing right away. Which includes assembling the gallery, writing the description and getting all the small details compiled.

  • Items listed on Safe Queens must not be listed for sale anywhere else – We ask you remove them before your item is listed.
  • Excellent photos are critical to success for online firearm auctions to help you get top dollar for your item.  If you need help with this you can work with one of our Local Partners or Hire a Photographer. If you want to take photos yourself, please review our photo guide.
  • Adding a video can be a great way to engage buyers. Items with historical significance can greatly benefit from video representation.
  • Auctions typically run for 7-14 days depending on a few market factors.
3. Auction Goes Live

Once we have all the information on your item, and have built your auction, we will send it to you for final approval before we turn the Auction Live.

  • We will send you a tentative date for you auction along with the closing time.
  • Once your auction is live, we recommend sellers participate in their auctions comments and questions in order to help get top dollar.
4. Auction End

After the auction closes, we will provide you with the winners details. The buyer and seller work together on the payment, shipping and receiving of the item.

  • If your auction reserve was not met, we still provide you with the highest bidders contact information in case a deal can be met. 

What are the Fees?

  • Sellers can list and sell for free on Safe Queens. Meaning you keep 100% of the sale proceeds of your auction. After the auction close the seller and the buyer work out payment logistics directly with each other.  For the next steps click HERE.
  • Buyers pay a 10% buyer’s premium directly to Safe Queens after the auction closes.

Need More information, Check our Frequently Asked Questions

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