Commenting and Community Guidelines  

Everyone is welcome 

The community on Safe Queens is the most important to us, this platform was built for the people who recognize collectibles as a shared hobby for all who want to participate. All our members deserve to feel like they are welcome to join in on the conversation and share what they love about the items listed. Political, misogynistic, homophobic, or racially insensitive comments are not allowed. Keep the conversation about the Item. 

Talk about the collectible, not the other members. 

We all have our tastes and preferences, and we are all entitled to them along with our opinions. The criticizing of other members for any of the above is not permitted on Safe Queens. Be Nice. 

Experience and Expertise is key. 

Our community will care more about your opinion if you talk about your relevant experience and knowledge with similar models or the exact one listed. Help bidders buy with confidence and understanding of the item. Speaking from an area of expertise will go much further when commenting. 

The market determines the price. 

Collectibles prices will fluctuate over time, conditions, and other factors. Keep in mind that items may sell for prices higher than what some members might think. Comments that detract from the conversation are usually those that say something is too expensive or too cheap. Buyers and Sellers determine the price of items. Any item is worth what buyers are willing to pay for it.  

Read before commenting 

We strongly urge you to read all comments before posting, this will make sure you understand the conversation before offering your opinion. The most considerate way to communicate in any conversation would be to listen before speaking, reading before commenting is the same thing. 

Add Value, with constructive comments 

If you do not like something, calling it bad, ugly, or not valuable without explanation is too easy. Make your criticism constructive, with a reference as to why you may not see the value in the piece. If you notice a collectible may not be an honest representation due to an item being refinished and not disclosed, voice your opinion and references to the photo that may be in question.  

No wheeling and dealing in the comments 

Keep the comments about the item at auction, do not hijack the conversation with an item you are trying to sell. If you have an item you want to sell and want to use the Safe Queens platform to talk about it, use the appropriate submission form.  Want-to-buys, phone numbers, and email addresses will be removed from the conversation. 

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